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Does cell size depend on the nuclear genome size in ultra-small algae such as Cyanidioschyzon merolae and Ostreococcus tauri?
Kuroiwa T, Nozaki H, Matsuzaki M, Misumi O, Kuroiwa H.
Cytologia 2004 Mar;69(1):93-96.
The complete nuclear genome size of the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae, 1.5-2 um in diameter, was determined as 16.5 Mbp by our Genome Project. Based on comparing data between the correct value and the size previously described, we considered simple molecular and cytological methods to identify the corrrect value for genome size. The results showed that the 16.4 Mbp by the vide-enhanced photon-counting method after DAPI staining rather than pulse field electrophoresis was the closest to the Genome Project value. We determined the genome size of Ostreococcus tauri as 0.6 um in diameter by the VIM system after staining with DAPI and SYBR Green I. The results showed that the genome size of the alga is approximately 35 Mbp and larger than the 9.0-12 Mbp estimated by pulse-field electrophoresis, suggesting that cell size does not depend on genome size.